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I will put up short bio of Jean Todt in the near future but this was more to post the fact that he and Gerard Saillant (president of the FIA Institute) are suing Phillipe Streiff after comments he (Streiff) made after Jules Bianchi's accident.

These were Streiff's comments:

Former Formula 1 driver Philippe Streiff has launched a stinging attack against FIA president Jean Todt, with regards to what he is calling the shameful report on the Jules Bianchi accident at Suzuka.

Streiff, who was paralysed in a 1989 Formula pre-season crash, triggered controversy late last year when he claimed to know details of the medical condition of the great Michael Schumacher.

Those claims were denied by Schumacher’s inner circle, but now 59-year-old Streiff has turned his attention to fellow Frenchman Jules Bianchi, who is still yet to regain consciousness after his horror Suzuka crash.

French media reports quote Streiff as having told Radio Free: “Shame on Jean Todt, who ordered and organised at the last World Motor Sport Council in Doha, Qatar, the report about the accident of Jules Bianchi.”

“It was a document prepared by a group of ten friends, including Professor Gerard Saillant, to clear the errors of the FIA,” claimed Streiff.
Haven't they already tried the Formula 2 route as a rival series to GP2 before. I don't think that played out too well.

Formula E has done well, I must admit I forgot about that, and the real interest should occur when it goes towards an un-restricted design format in the coming seasons. If an alternative and non traditional series such as Formula E can succeed then it highlights the need for competative motor racing due to the lack of it F1.
very few posts about the current FIA president who was happy to battle the opposition when he was team principal using any accusation of cheating if possible and now as FIA president he seems to be not prepared to tackle the current issues and leaving it between Bernie and the teams
From a motorsport fan's perspective when he first came into power I was pleasantly surprised because he didn't put himself about and seemed to adopt a policy of non-interference and quietly went on about his job.

But these days in the face of the continuing nonsense from FOTA first and then the constructor's group and other F1 commission crap or whatever they call themselves my thoughts are more along the lines of Hold on, does he actually do anything?

I think the only recent contribution that springs to mind is that he said he doesn't think alcohol sponsorship will end in motorsport...
Who is this Jean Todt fella of whom you speak? I've never heard of him, well that's not quite true I seem to recall a bloke going by that name working at Ferrari a few years back but he disappeared off somewhere never to be heard of again...
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Didn't Mosley once say that the day would come when we would miss him? Todt is perilously close to making that a true statement.
The day I miss Mosley is the day I miss having a terminal disease.

He and his predecessor were ****ing dreadful for the sport.

Jean Todt may be useless but to extend the analogy, he's benign.
Well I reckon I could do his job since seems to consist of doing absolutely naff all...
Not really. It seems to consist of hiding out and letting Bernie do whatever he wants. Somehow, I can't imagine you adopting such a position. You appear to have too much integrity for that!
Haven't they already tried the Formula 2 route as a rival series to GP2 before. I don't think that played out too well

GP2 is run by Bernie and CVC and it seems like the FIA want control over the single seater ladder. The last attempt was poorly done but coming off the back of setting up the F4 and European F3 series they are looking to keep the same format which works well. Add to that the fact that they have made sure they'll get the drivers by putting it at the top of the ladder to gain points for an F1 super licence (over GP2), I think it'll be a success this time. More to the point I think it will be a good thing and be a proper grooming ground rather than the F1 sideshow GP2 is set up to be.

Maybe its me reading into things but it does seem to be Todt and the FIA wrestling back control of things from Bernie where they can. Part of me is still wondering if Todt is waiting for F1 to sink so he can come in when its on a low and get control for the FIA. Lets remember the teams rebelled against the FIA and took control of the rules. Maybe the plan is to let them drown and beg the FIA to come in and ascert itself.
RasputinLives the BRDC F4 route would be the way to go, next years cars will have more power, more downforce and more set up parameters than the FIA F4 cars giving the drivers an excellent basis on which to enter F1, but then again it is outside of the FIA's control isn't it so Bernie wouldn't like it.


As an aside the BRDC F4 championship has produced some of the best open wheel racing I have ever seen..
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Max Mosley is back in the media saying F1 is heading for a crash and that when he was president he"d push things through whether the teams liked it or not. Even more so if Ron Dennis didn't like it (he didn't say that bit).

He then says Todt is either unable to do that or simply doesn't want too.

Sour grapes or truth. I hate to agree with this man but I sort of agree with him.
Jean Todt is useless, does nothing, says nothing keeps a low, low profile, and picks up his pay check.
"said he would allow teams more technical freedom if they adhered to a cost cap of about 60 million pounds"

This is from the man who wanted a spec series.
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