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I will put up short bio of Jean Todt in the near future but this was more to post the fact that he and Gerard Saillant (president of the FIA Institute) are suing Phillipe Streiff after comments he (Streiff) made after Jules Bianchi's accident.

These were Streiff's comments:

Former Formula 1 driver Philippe Streiff has launched a stinging attack against FIA president Jean Todt, with regards to what he is calling the shameful report on the Jules Bianchi accident at Suzuka.

Streiff, who was paralysed in a 1989 Formula pre-season crash, triggered controversy late last year when he claimed to know details of the medical condition of the great Michael Schumacher.

Those claims were denied by Schumacher’s inner circle, but now 59-year-old Streiff has turned his attention to fellow Frenchman Jules Bianchi, who is still yet to regain consciousness after his horror Suzuka crash.

French media reports quote Streiff as having told Radio Free: “Shame on Jean Todt, who ordered and organised at the last World Motor Sport Council in Doha, Qatar, the report about the accident of Jules Bianchi.”

“It was a document prepared by a group of ten friends, including Professor Gerard Saillant, to clear the errors of the FIA,” claimed Streiff.
A thoroughly detestable man who was right at the heart of things when Ferrari were (allegedly) cheating their way to titles.

Perfect for the FIA in every way.
I'm not a fan of Jean Todt, he hasn't got a great public persona, and doesn't make a lot of noise publicly, which considering the power he has, leads me to believe he has a lot to say behind closed doors. I wonder why he doesn't want us all to hear it?
Panic over, yesterday Streiff withdrew his comments and apologised to Todd saying the comments were unfounded and that he'd been in a long interview and ran away with himself.

Full comments also on Grandprix247.

So that's ok then. Carry on.
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IMO, Streiff has all the credibility of a White House press secretary (during the Bush Jr. years!), anyway. He impresses me primarily as a headline-seeker, as he is constantly making accusations and has never, to my knowledge, provided proof to substantiate any of them.
Plus, if he had any evidence, he wouldn't have withdrawn the comments because the facts would show that his statements were true and therefore not defamatory.

His withdrawing of the comment shows that he was, quite frankly, talking out his arse.
He did allude to his own health problems,as though implying as he had some kind of diminished responsability over his actions... whether he's talking out of his arse on that one is another matter but it has to be said he probably has more than his fair share of everyday-health issues of his own...
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He also eluded to having insight into Schumachers health which turned out to be completely false, he seems to latch onto a tragedy and milk it for his own gain, the blokes a complete twat, he wasn't there when Bianchi had his accident, he wasn't there at the FIA investigation and he has never had access to Micheal Schumachers medical records.

I wish he would just shut the **** up..
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This links to ongoing discussions elsewhere but when you read statements like this from Jean Todt, it's another clear indication as to why things are so screwed at the moment.

Not only echoing Ecclestone's 'if you don't like it, don't sign it policy' but also claiming that the teams shouldn't complain to him because there's nothing he can do about it anyway.


"If people expect the FIA to change the distribution of the commercial rights, then it's true that I give up," said Todt.

"It would be completely irrelevant for me to say 'I'm going to speak to them' because those are the rules.

"How should I allow myself to claim something that is not within our responsibility?

"Where I feel frustrated is [those] who are complaining who did not take the best deal - why did they accept?"

If the FIA really are that toothless then Mr Todt, I suggest you step down and your organisation disband because you clearly have no role to play in the future of F1.

The more I read those quotes the more angry it makes me and the more I feel the whole thing needs to come to an end.
Could you imagine what would happen if for example, the Health Secretary said, 'I'm fed up with ill people, if you don't like the Health Service, don't get ill !!" "Anyway, don't come complaining to me, NHS England and Wales run the Health service in those countries, not me".

He'd last about 30 seconds before he'd get booted out.

If that's what Jean Todt really thinks about F1 then he should not stand for president again. He appears to have done sweet FA for other forms of Motorsport so it's not as if he's been any good for the wider motorsporting community.
Actually Todt has really built some platforms in other areas of the sport. The rise of the affordable F4 series across Europe has been really good for drivers to get into the sport. The European F3 series has really brought together all the big names from across all the individual series and made it much easier for a driver to show his quality. He's putting into action the re-establishment of a real F2 series to complete the ladder. Not to mention the establishing of Formula E which has all sorts of people and companies investing in motorsport that would never have before.

Its just F1 and anything connected to Ecclestone he seems to have stayed away from. Almost like he's waiting for it to fall so he can sweep up the pieces. Just another conspiracy theory.
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