Italian GP Highlight Thread

Couple of clips from 2005

Schumacher did let Trulli back through somehow several laps later. It was never shown though.

Raikkonen on Alonso

Webber pays no mind to the lollipop man

Raikkonen spins, passes Trulli again literally have a goldmine of "stuff". Clandestinely garnered or not, you should consider some kind of enterprise based on your endeavours. Thank you for all of this.
Oh by the way.....if you can post the (internet cleansed by FOM) completely unedited footage of Lewis Hamilton onboard from Spa 2008 (several laps chasing Kimi down plus all the drama ensuing afterwards) then I might just have to hunt you down and hug is it that I - a Google Jedi - simply cannot find this anywhere, anymore. It's bloody amazing stuff.
1972 appears to have the year the 8mm cine camera made it to Italy.

When will side burns make a comeback?
Would it be possible to get a clip from 2000? I seem to remember that it was quite an exciting race, and RIP Paolo Ghislimberti (the marshal who tragically got hit by debris and died) Talking of the Italian GP, on Saturday it will be 40 years since Wolfgang von Trips and 15 spectators died. RIP
I'll try and get something posted today mjo. And it's actually going to be 50 years on from the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the conclusion of the 1961 title fight.
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