The Next British Formula One Driver.

Alex Lynn, currently leading the GP3 championship, looks the best bet to me; trouble is, he's in a bit of a queue in the Red Bull hierarchy. Perhaps someone like Williams might take him up when Bottas is established and Massa retires.
Mephistopheles judging from your posting history Alex Lynn would be up your street. Modest lad, quick, not to flash, brave and a bit of thinker.

Just to make sure you'd still be on opsing sides though I think Hamberg would plump for Oli Rowland as he's pedal to the metal late breaking must overtake at all costs type.
RasputinLives I really hope Alex doesn't fall into the trap that befell Davide Valsecchi, who impressed me a lot in winning the GP2 title, then got marooned as a Lotus test driver. He, to my mind, is far more deserving of an F1 place than several who are in it at the moment, but it looks like he missed his chance.
In my opinion, even though he got that test driver contract with Lotus, Valsecchi kind of fell as he needed so many seasons in GP2. Same can be said about Leimer.
What people miss where Valsecchi is concerned is that he inherited a GP2 car with DAMS that had been set up perfectly by a combination of the team and Romain Grosjean the year before. They'd basically dialed it into every track that year and as the cars didn't change they knew exactly where to be the year after. Valsecchi was experienced and quick enough to take advantage of it. Marcas Ericsson wasn't but Palmer is still reaping the benefits of that season even now.

Back to the Brits - as we"re bigging up Alex Lynn we should prob give a mention to how his team mate and fellow Brit Bernstorff is keeping pace with him. The guy didn"t come into the series with a big rep but has been straight on it. Good stuff.
Or, what about video gamer to racer Jann Mardenborough? He's improving all the time, gaining with his first win of the season (from a reverse grid start, admittedly) last weekend.
Mardenborough seems to be getting better every race. He had an amazing start at Silverstone but paniced on how far up the field it put him and ended up having a horrendous first lap that dropped him down the field. He seem to have completely learbed from that given the same oppotunity at Germany.

More impressive than the win for me was the way he managed his tyres in the Germany race 1 which meant he was able to charge through for the reverse grid pole slot at the finish. Drivers with a lot more single seater experience weren't able to do the same thing.
On the subject of Mardenborough its been bothering me for a while as to why he is not racing in Red Bull colours. I've finally managed to find a source (its James Allen so I'm sorry) that states whilst he is driving for Christian Horner's Arden team and has access to the Red Bull Junior training facilities he is not actually a part of the Red Bull Junior team.

Also he really only looks around 12!

Palmer needs to be given a chance. Sensible and quick racing all weekend. Level headed as well. But at 23 is he getting too old to be making his name in F1?
Has any F1 team spoken about Jolyon Palmer - I don't see how he is going to get into F1 unless its one of the teams at the back and he brings money
The problem GP2 has had is that rookies have found it impossible to get on top of the Pirreli tyres in the first year due to them being completely different to anything they've driven on before. What it means is they don't get up and running until their second or third season and by the time they do the 'bubble gum' mentality of the world at the moment has decided to write them off as 'not getting up to speed' quick enough.

People are labelling Vandorne the best rookie GP2 has seen in the Pirreli era as he's managed to get to grips with it so fast.

Palmer has done a great job in GP2 this year. He's had a near perfect season and a spot on mentality needed to upgrade to F1. If he doesn't get up to F1 then we ought to start worrying. If a dominant winner of the direct feeder series who not only has speed but connections with the teams and sponsors can't find a seat in F1 then we are in a bit of a state.
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So an update on some of these guys:

Jolyon Palmer has become the most dominant GP2 champion in years and is on the media offensive for an F1 drive next year so seems most likely to be the answer the op question. However Alex Lynn just needs 2 points to secure the GP3 title and it seems to be a straight fight between him and Sainz Jr for the now vacant Toro Rosso seat. Meanwhile Will Stevens, despite having a flat year in WSR, will be getting some time in a Marussia F1 car and mayne even a shot in a race situation.

As far as the other guys go Dean Stoneman has to be the one to talk about after jumping out of a Marussia GP3 car into a car at Koineinen that had been coming last at most races and taking a first and second place at Russia. F1 might be a big step for Stoneman for next year but lets remember before his testicular cancer he was beating Palmer in F2.

Any of them caught your eye?
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