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Question on Italians and F1

1 - How many Italian Drivers have won the Formula One World Championship


2 - When Giancarlo Fisichella was finally awarded the win of the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix he became the first Italian to take a race victory since who?

Riccardo Patrese

3 - 3 different Italian drivers had the honour of driving for Ferrari during the 90's. A point for each.

Gianni Morbidelli, Ivan Cappelli and Nicola Larini

4 - Riccardo Patrese has more world championship points than any other Italian driver with 281 but which Italian is only 5 point behind him?

Giancarlo Fisichella

5 - Which Italian Driver has the most Grand Prix wins?

Alberto Ascari

6 - Other than the infamous Trulli how many other Italian Drivers are in the 1 win club? point for each one you can name

Alessandro Nannini, Lorenzo Bandini, Luigi Musso, Piero Taruffi, Luigi Fagioli, Ludovico Scarfiotti, Vittorio Brambilla, Giancarlo Baghetti

7 - Who was the last Italian to win the Italian Grand Prix - point for driver and year.

Ludovico Scarfiottu, 1966

8 - Which was the last Grand Prix to have an all Italian front row? point for the Grand Prix and a point each for the drivers.

Belgian Grand prix 2009 - Fisichella and Trulli!

9 - Who is the only Italian to win both the Monoco Grand Prix and the Le Mans 24 hour?

Tazio Nuvolari

10 - Which Italian Driver was the very last champion of the Formula 3000 series?

Antonio Liuzzi

Is out of 21 - enjoy!
Scarfalotti won the 1966 Italian GP, and Baghetti has also won just one race, Reims 1961.

Those in mind, I scored 8 (out of 22) 9 points now, thanks Rasputin
I have to say I must have been having a poor day for checking my facts when I wrote this quiz.

Sorry guys - consider me well and truely :spank:
12 points. Got drivers right in Q8, however didn't get a race correct
Remembered Oz 2005 where there were on front row but didn't realize there was one after that
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