Is this the best and worst start to a season ever?


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On the plus side slicks are back, KERS and the new aero rules make it much easier for cars to overtake - the stat's are already starting to support this.
A "new" team which didn't exist 2 weeks before the first race has won both races and is leading the Drivers' and Constructors' championships.
The big players are struggling towards the back of the pack and some of the mid-field teams are challenging for podiums and wins.

All in all it makes for exciting racing and an unpredictable season.

However, on the down-side we already have numerous protests of several teams regarding diffusers
Now Brawn's exhausts at the first race are also under question (apparently).
We have already had our first DSQ at the first race, not for a racing incident but for what was said in a meeting room several hours later.
Now we have the possibility of the current WDC and the 2nd oldest team in F1 having serious penalties applied due to what was said in the meeting room.
For only the 5th time in 59 years a race that was shaping up to be a classic was abandoned and half points were awarded due to rain and poor light, partly due to it being held so late.

Why can't we just have the good without the bad?

Has there been another season with a start as good and bad as this one?
I see what you mean, Brogan, but at least its interesting. Its great to see how well people are dealing with being in inferior cars. Ferrari are imploding, Hamilton is doing well (on track), Kubica is beating his car, Alonso is doing nowt and Kovalainen hasn't yet completed a lap. Interestingly, Button seems to have the beating of Barrichello now Brawn are at the front of the grid. Button seems to beat his team-mate when he has a good car, but suffer more when he has a bad car!

A new angle I just thought of, why are the stewards asking for testimony at their meetings anyway? Just get the telemetry, video and radio together and meet out the punishment accordingly!
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