Interesting little battle in IRL


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There seems to be a nice little battle developing in IRL between three of the Andretti Green Racing cars and Ryan Briscoe.

Given the lack of love between Patrick and Briscoe that should prove to be interesting for the rest of the season.

It's suprising how close Andretti, Mhuto and Patrick are. It also shows how much of a better job Kanaan is doing with the same car.

Any one know if Patrick is still going to test for Honda later this year?
Yes, it seems that Helio is the only one who can break up the Ganassi party. It's early days but you'd have to favour Dixon or Wheldon, based on how Chip's got those cars running.

As for Andretti-Green, Mutoh has really impressed me. He's kept it on the track when Andretti and Patrick have been getting involved in all sorts of incidents. A wise head is always valuable on the ovals and that's where Kanaan's class shows through. But for a rookie, I'd say Mutoh is one to watch out for. Particularly if Honda decide to start giving him "special" engines (don't rule that out!)
Yeah completely agree with that Gordo

For a rookie to come in and compete with Andretti and Patrick on equal terms is impressive.

Would love to see Wheldon take the title.
If it was up to me I suppose I'd like Castroneves to win, he's come so close so many times now. And Penske are my favourite team, really.

Dixon would be good too, anything that gives Tony George's marketing department a headache I approve of wholeheartedly! Speaking as a ChampCar fan, of course.

I've never really gone much on Wheldon to be honest. He's got that confidence/borderline arrogance thing. He went to my old school (a long time after me, admittedly) and it grates slightly now that he's living in the US, got his teeth fixed, picked up the mid-Atlantic accent etc. Jealousy!!!
I hear what you're saying with the Tony George thing. It feels like such a shame that he managed to come out on top when it was he who caused the split. After the split Cart genuingly tried to turn itself into a global series while IRL was content with the indy 500 and a series of ovals.

Unfortunatly it was IRL that had the viewers and eventually the money.

I have some fantastic memories of watching cart. That's why I am a big fan of Ben Edwards for the BBC job but that's another story :)
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