Initial Praise VII

Initial Praise VII - P.S.A.R.B

  • Partially Sighted Aryan Rams Bushman

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  • Please Stop A Right Bias

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  • Please Stop Aussie, Red Bull

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  • Please Substitute A Real Brain

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  • Point Skyward And Rarely Breathe

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  • Prat Spoils A Rare Battle

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Wake me when we’re there
What choice was there?


Courtesy of BBC:


I'll get the ball rolling with:

Partially Sighted Aryan Rams Bushman
Well folks - it's that time again, let's see where we are on the clap-o-meter - Bernie, the Bolt!

Best of luck to all!

You just make up an alternative headline for the image posted using the initial letters underneath it.

The winner gets to post the next one.
MajorDanby said:
Ive just read this topic thorugh for the first time, and I must admit Im totally confused :thinking:

Think of the "alternative headline" part of 'Mock the Week' and you're there... :)
Not sure how that happened but it would seem that I've now won?


Oh well, better find something for the next one then.
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