If all F1 drivers were in the same cars...

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Which Driver/Drivers would be the ones to beat?

I reckon Alonso would be the driver to beat, simply because he is the most complete F1 driver out there

Nando isnt just a fantastic driver, he has a racing brain which sets him apart from the field.

So... What do u guys think?

Who would win out of all the F1 drivers in equal machinery?

:mad: :mad: :mad:
I dunno about that, because of the draw last year with Hamilton...

I reckon that if all drivers were in the same car irrespective of team politics that Alonso would stand a chance, as well as Kubica; Raikkonen, Hamilton and Massa would have good and bad days.

I think we might be surprised by how good drivers like Sutil were if we did this experiment!
Alonso (for sure!), Kubica and Rosberg. Kimi, Massa and Hamilton sometimes lose the plot
I think there might be a surprise if this was done, someone from the back of the grid who we don't rate now would run everyone close...

Of course, it depends on which car we're talking about, if everyone got a McLaren I'd fully expect Hamilton to win, but if its a car suited to a different style, who knows!
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