Hulkenberg dropped by Williams


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Nico Hulkenberg failed to rescue his F1 career with his outstanding pole position in Brazil. My guess is he will struggle to find another drive without substantial financial backing. Frank Williams is a tough guy to drive for and once again he has been totally ruthless.

Williams has announced today that the team will drop promising rookie Nico Hulkenberg for next season. At the same time it was confirmed that Rubens Barrichello will race on for the team in 2011, and unprecedented 19th season of F1 competition.
It's no use hiding news like this in the 2011 silly season thread! I've only just come across it, :embarrassed: you would do well to keep me informed of such events in a timely and overt manner. Or incur my wrath... :goodday:
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My wrath predominantly involves falling on people just like my hero Shirley Crabtree LOL

I miss those saturday afternoons sat in front of the tele with a bottle Tizer, a bag of aniseed twists and Dickie Davis's moustache. :snacks:

Where have all the smilies gone!? :rolleyes:
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