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Question is, whether it is possible at all to receive email notification every time a certain registered person on this bulletin board published a new post. In longhand setup I can "watch" a thread, in email I receive I can read name of a posters, and respond or ignore it, however I wonder if there is more effective way of setting this up. Thanks in advance for help.
You have two options. You can follow a thread as you have already identified or you can follow a poster. If you click on the posters name a window will pop up giving you more information about the poster and a list of options at the bottom. If you click on follow you should receive notifications of posts made by that user.

The list of people you follow will appear on your own page.

Hope that helps.
Do you mean these?


If you are using a desktop browser, hover over the Like link.

If you are using a mobile/touch browser, long press.
is anyone finding an issue with quoting while on a laptop, as on mobile nothing changed. but on Laptop i do the quote as normal but when i click Insert quotes button nothing happens
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