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I'm attempting to post an article here on CTA that includes a lot of photos from a test day I visited. The photos have been given to me by a friend and they all appear to be too large to upload on to CTA!

Any tips on how I can reduce the file size or get them up here? Please bear in mind I'm not really computer technical. They are JPEG format and I think they just be copied straight from a camera to a folder. They are all about 5mb at the moment.


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Hmm, can you upload one of the images somewhere (e.g. Dropbox) and PM me the link?

It should be possible to upload them now so I'd like to see what size they end up after being manipulated by the server.


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That's cropping, which is separate from resizing.
Resizing will always preserve the content and ratio.
Or at least it should if it has been coded correctly.

The problem with resizing is if I set arbitrary values of e.g. 1920 x 1080, if someone was to upload a long, narrow image, it would be resized and lose a lot of definition due to being limited to 1080 pixels high.
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