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If there are any questions on any aspect of the software, please ask here.

No matter how small, if you're wondering how to do something, the chances are so are others.
When uploading an avatar, you can reposition it by clicking and dragging the small square image on the right of the avatar editor overlay.
Try entering "Moon" as your location and then click on it in your membercard :D

The same will work for any recognised location.
One important thing to do with polls I should point out is that you can't add a poll to an existing thread.
You must create the poll when the thread is created.

If you want a poll adding to an existing thread, contact a section or global moderator via Conversation, who will be able to do that for you.
Is there an option to ignore a user on this new version of the forum, and all their corresponding posts? A certain poster seems to be derailing quite a few threads and I'd quite like to not see the trash they keep posting (over and over and over again).. ;)
Not at the moment, an ignore feature may come along in a future version of the software.

My advice would be to just ignore any posts/members you don't get on with for the time being.
I have added some increased functionality to the plain text editor.

If you click on the [sup]A[/sup]A icon in the upper right hand corner to switch to the plain text editor, there are now buttons for some of the most commonly used BB Code.
This is useful for those who prefer to use plain text entry rather than the rich text editor.

You can set your default editor in your account preferences:

Thanks once again go to Darkimmortal for this add-on.
A little bug I've spotted, at the top just below the green bar, it has the arrows that show you what forum/sub forum you are in. For example If I were to click Pit-Lane now, I would go to pit lane. The first two work fine, but "Breifing Room" takes me back to the main Forum. It is the same on all the other catagories as well, ie. General Motorsport would take me back to Forum as well. Has anyone else noticed this?
The breadcrumbs (that's what the grey bars with arrows at the top and bottom of the page are called) and category links don't open new pages as they do with other forum software.
Well they do, if I configure it that way in the Admin panel. But I haven't, so they don't :D

Instead they act as anchors.
The functionality isn't immediately apparent here as we don't have a lot of categories and forums but on very long forum home pages, the page would automatically scroll to the correct position.

If you click on the Circuit category title on the green bar, you'll see what I mean:
The forum has what are called "News Feeds".

The main news feed is here:
That lists the activity of all members.

If you are particularly interested in a certain member's comments, etc, then if you follow them, they will appear in your personal new feed which is here:

It also allows a certain level of privacy as you can restrict your profile and personal messages, etc. to people you follow only:
Thanks Bro - understand now!
No need to be embarrassed Jen, I'm glad someone asked.

There are lots of hidden and not so obvious features in the software so feel free to ask away :)
Bro, is it possible to (re)instate the "view your post" option before posting? I like to the see the horlicks beforehand - one doesn't seem quite such a luddite then :whistle:
One thing you may not have noticed is when you click "Quote" it quotes the post, like so:
If there are any questions on any aspect of the software, please ask here.

In addition though, there's a small up arrow to the right of the "said:" which when clicked will take you to the post.

The person being quoted will also receive an alert.

You can quote multiple posts on the same page by clicking on Quote on each one.
All of the quoted text will be added to the editor at the bottom of the page.
Ha I was just going to ask if we could have "Post reply" "Upload" and "Preview" at the bottom of the page - Also any idea why you cannot press the tab key to jump from the text box to the post reply?
Well the first 2 buttons are there but Preview is only available from the More Options page.

No idea on the tab - it works on my test installation so it must be a problem local to here.
I can't think of anything I've done which would stop that working though.

Edit: Found the problem, it's related to the plain text editor toolbar add-on we have installed. I've mentioned it to the developer.
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