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Titch that isn't as easy as it sounds, humans do not operate in that manner they always default to curiosity and doing things that they know isn't good for them.

Put it this way If you are on a diet and I came over and gave you a lovely massive bar of yummy milk chocolate, I've even opened the wrapper and taken a square for myself then I leave you alone with the tempting confectionery, you know you shouldn't eat it and you know that you will feel bad or even sick after you have eaten it, but would that stop you from eating it?
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By mistake I tapped on a +MQ link and it turned to -MQ and then I couldn't change it back to +MQ. Hopefully I didn't break anything. Should I be concerned?



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I don't know how to start a discussion. I'm not even sure that I'm allowed to start a discussion. Can you clarify.
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F1Brits_90 I think you are talking about tagging names like I have just done to yours. In the text of your post simply put the @ symbol before a user name and they will be notified that you have mentioned them in a post and their name will appear as orange in the text. Hope that helps.


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This is not so much of a how do I? more of a general question. I'm just wondering what we are all collecting points for? I mean if we get enough do we get a toaster or something? Just wondered ;)


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Yes, exactly. I do recall them back in the day when I was a kid, sticking them in the books used to amuse me to no end. I was easily pleased ROFL
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