Poll How close does Lewis get to Schumacher

Hamilton V Schumacher

  • Surpass Schumacher - 8+

    Votes: 8 50.0%
  • Match Schumacher - 7

    Votes: 6 37.5%
  • Just fall short - 5/6

    Votes: 2 12.5%

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a question I was intrigued to get a wider answer too, I don't think unless Ive missed it as been polled before, I was really had big think about this earlier. how many titles will Lewis get when he hangs up his helmet in 2022 2023 2024 or 2025+ will he match or surpass schumachers once thought impossible record or just fall short
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I went for tying Schumacher as I think 8 is just out of reach

because back in 2004? when Schumacher won his 7th world title it considered a lot like Jonathon Edwards triple jump or Usain Bolt 100/200m record a record that will probably never be surpassed, out of reach. but Hamilton is very likely to win his 6th world title in mexico again id guess barring reliability or incident. you would assume that he would be a strong favourite for 2020 & that in the 3 - 5 years he has left he would win another world title.

but then assumptions in F1 never work because can you imagine in 2006 saying Alonso at 22 would never win a world title or 6 years ago that Vettel wouldn't have added to titles by now. so dangerous to assume that lewis would win another in remaining years of his career. then there 2021 the biggest rule changes bigger than 2009 & 2014. its not the 1st time that Hamilton has gone from title winning car to out in Q1 like in 2008 & 2009
I went for falls short as I'm not sure how long he's going to stay in F1 if the regulations mean Mercedes don't have the best car after next year. Though thinking about it, he's on 5 now, he's highly likely to win this year, that's 6 and next year could go the same as this year, so maybe I should have gone matched Schumacher at 7. Oh well.
I chose 7.Unless something dramatic changes between now and the end of 2020, then Hamilton will win this years and next years Championship. This is because i think that neither Ferrari or Red Bull are capable with the current regulations to make a season long fight for the Championship with any of there drivers.Also I doubt that Valtteri Bottas is capable of sustaining a season long challenge to Hamilton either.
I've gone for surpass because he is extremely fit, can have the pick of any drive he wants and cares about records. So he'll stick around until he gets 8.
i think its possible no doubt, but i still find it ludicrous that this a discussion because 7 seems so far out there & lewis to win "2 more" to get to 8 still seems tough but if he stays as old as kimi or Alonso then you would assume, he would get another one but post 2021 i think Verstappen providing he gets a 1st or slightly 2nd best car. he got to be joint favourite for the 2021 title
I am going to say match 7 because with him behind the wheel of the car he can't make that extra few tenths difference and his nearest challengers are going to be Le Clerc and Verstappen in future
It depends on how long he is in the dominant car for.

but come on you got to give lewis some credit because if as you say they had the dominant car, since 2017 which I doubt because bar 1st 8 races of 2019 its been largely been even as someone has been challenging them whether its Ferrari or red bull. how do you explain this is Hamilton is not difference in that car
Bottas - 55 races 5 wins 10 poles 771 points
Hamilton - 55 races 28 wins 26 poles 1055 points
Yes, Hamilton has driven well but I do not regard Bottas as a top line driver, good on his circuits yes, but on others medium to poor.

If another team have a faster car than Mercedes it will probably be either Ferrari or RBR; they both have drivers who can perform well enough to win in a faster car.
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