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If, like me, you are a little grey around the temples you may be interested to trot along to one of the Historic F1 Championship races this year. Thus far the only confimed dates I can find are:

Spa, Belgium RMU Classic April 25/26
EuroSpeedway Lausitz, Germany Jim Clark Revival May 14/15/16/17
Silverstone, UK Silverstone Classic July 24/25/26
Sao Paolo, Brazil August 15/16

Below is the link to the main website which I am sure will show the confirmed dates as soon as they are available. Last year they had one of Colin Chapman's wonderfully mad Lotus 88B's racing (which is more than they managed back in 1981) probably worth the entrance fee in itself. I'll update this as more races are confirmed.

Thanks for the heads up Fat Bloke.

Might be worth sticking them in the Calendar.
Just click on the date number in the corner or the little diamond below it and set the entry as Public so everyone can see it.

You can set it as Personal if you like but only you will see it :D
As soon as the full schedule is available I will put the dates into calender. I'll post some web links to the individual event sites later.
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Calendar events can be edited so even if you put them in and the dates change it's no problem to change the entries.

I really must get around to putting all the 2009 race meetings in.
So much to do and not enough time as usual
and what about the ascari club?

i thought they had some kind of competion with 'second hand' f1 cars at the ascari circuit too? Isn't this part of a tour too?

Oh, this is a private circuit in the south of Spain owned by the guy who also owns ascari (well known from topgear, a real super car). I know they drive F1 cars there too, these are collectively known as the Ascari club :)

Nope, I am no member.
Dates now published:

Round 1 - Spa, Belgium April 25-26th

Round 2 - Monza, Italy June 5-7th

Round 3 - Brands Hatch, UK July 4-5th

Round 4 - Interlagos, Brazil August 15-16th

Round 5 - Nurburgring, Germany Sept 26-27th

Round 6 - Nurburgring, Germany Sept 26-27th

Round 7 - Jarama. Spain October 24-25th

Round 8 - Jarama. Spain October 24-25th

There is also a link on the website offering a drive in a Lotus 91 - if you have a few bob spare what better way to spend it!
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