Hate 'The Finger'?

More famous fingerisers (is that a word?)





Just a quick tale from last Sunday - my two daughters and their spouses were invited to an open day at Mercedes in Brackley on Silverstone race day.

Having been misdirected by a slightly inebriated individual who had misread the map, they found themselves in a village called Marston St Lawrence reputed to be the home of a certain Christian Horner. Judging by the large marquee and the amount of parked cars on either side of the road, this a possibility as he was known to be hosting an after-race party.

As they were negotiating the narrow lane left by the parked cars, the driver (my stroppy and pregnant youngest child) spotted a large 4 x 4 hurtling towards them and alerted the rest of her party - she refused to give way and forced the oncoming car to back up, which it did eventually - once they were alongside each other my eldest child (in the back seat behind the driver) spotted Mr Seb Vettel in the passenger seat, whereupon she gave him the renowned victor's finger - his reaction was to grin from ear to ear and clap.

What a nice chap and it made their day.
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