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I couldn't resist this one...


Courtesy of Planet F1
Jenson: Do you thinks its alright to let the press and everyone climb all over the car Martin?

Whitmarsh: Don't worry Jense this one's Lewis's - look I've cut the brake cable!

Lewis: You guys are funny.................errrrrr you are joking?

Jenson & Whitmarsh: Of course! (smile at each other and then Martin gives Jenson's bum a squeeze)
Martin: "So Lewis we've line up the aerodynamics on your car so they're best at this angle so at least when you run into Massa you'll get a speed advantage.............might be worth while you remembering that Jense in case you try to pull another canada!"
Martin: "I got new fitted wing mirrors for that Ron Dennis's adopted son, ain't that right Jense?"

Jenson: "So they'll be more spacing? Meaning more racing?"

Hamilton: "Ain't that bracing..."
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