Hakkinen to become Hamilton's Manager

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I think this story has been going around for a while but it seems to have resurfaced. Since parting company with his dad (sacking is perhaps a bit too strong) Mclaren have been handling Hamilton's affairs but it looks like Mika could be taking over responsibility for his financial affairs. Hakkinen has some experience looking after an F3 driver through his own managment company, Aces Group.

I'm not exactly sure what a "manager" does for an experienced (F1) driver but if Mika can tone down Lewis' occasional hotheadedness (is that a word?) then it can only be a good thing.

I've always liked Mika too so it would be good to see him involved in F1 again.
I guess this would be a decent move; Hakkinen knows the business well and would be good as a manager in the commercial sense (though how able he would be at playing hardball with McLaren is another story).

However, while not a managers job, I get the feeling that LH may be a little lonely and probably needs someone with him to chat and vent with. His brother and Dad don't come to the race and neither does the pussycat doll. Compare with Jenson who has his Dad and he lovely Jessica at every race and you cannot help but think that LH needs a friend.

Wanted; Male, early 20s to be friend and confident to multi millionaire racing driver. Luxury Worldwide travel expected.

I can see why that type of job advert would be hard to fill :givemestrength:
I agree. Lewis needs somebody to talk to at the circuit, to discuss problems and vent his frustrations. Mikka was always a cool head in tough situations, knew how to win under pressure and was a champion. His appointment would fit well with the Mclaren management and would please everyone involved.
I'm not too sure that Lewis needs a female distraction at races but a guiding mentor would go a long way towards securing a second WDC. :D
I saw Nick Hamilton in the pits on raceday actually, but yeah, Lewis does need a manager. Kinda hoped it might turn out to be Keke Rosberg, even though Nico is competing against him, childhood friends and all that.
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