Top 15: Best new car debuts in F1

Superb read... the chocolates are yours Sir Galahad... :1st:

The Lotus 98T was a quick car... not just in the hands of Senna IMHO... but that Renault was as thirsty as an Englishman at Lords on Day 3 of an Ashes Test during a baking hot week in race trim...

I would add an "honorable mention" to Brawn BGP-01 ... Australia 2009 ... JB on pole, with Rubens @ +0.303, Seb @ +0.628 ...

Not bad for the team cost that was purchased for $1 ;) from the shattered Earth Dreams of Honda...

Quick question... where is that photo of the Lancia D50 taken ?
One of the fascinating (at least to me) things about the Lancia D50 was that, when Ferrari took over the team assets, one of the first things they did was move the fuel from the panniers and put it in the tail, where more "conventional " cars carried it. The drivers of the day didn't like the "pointy" nature that a low polar moment of interia conferred upon the cars, and preferred the oversteering nature of the usual cars.

G--regardimg the lost setup date regarding the Ligier: was the cig pack the data was allegedly written on Gitanes?
Brilliant and professional article. Best I have seen on CTA.....or any forum. Really enjoyed that.

I saw Stirling Moss drive the Merc W196 around Silverstone some years back before the F1 race. Its a work of art.
I attach a photo (not mine) of Stirling driving (at goodwood?) the W196 as your link is broke.

Again great article. :thumbsup:

Merc W196 streamliner with Stirling Moss driving
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