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From the start of the 2016 season we will be able to welcome the Haas F1 Team into the F1 fold. They have just announced one of their drivers in a live stream on their website a really good signing with the talent that is Roman Grosjean. No word of the second driver as yet.

Stewart Haas Racing in NASCAR already stands the team in good stead to getting off to a flying start. These guys know how to race. In turn they also have one of the best wind tunnels in the world and CNC factories at their beck and call as part of the Haas empire.

They seem to think they can hit the ground running and score points in their first season.

I say good luck to them.
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I agree, they'll be good to watch during the off-season and at least until race 2.
Now, if they'll sign Jenson I'll be happy.
Interesting to hear Haas say that the reason Grosjean was signed is because it is good for French and Swiss markets... I gather it is more to do with sponsorship opportunities then
Who else was available and comparable from the current grid?

Besides, it's the perfect stepping stone for Grosjean to replace Raikkonen at Ferrari in 2017.

I'm looking forward to seeing a new team on the grid.
well they are with Ferrari for a start and remember how Sauber pretty much did what Ferrari wanted except for a voluntary reduction in testing in 2005
I'm looking forward to their entry into the sport but if history repeats itself with bigger teams giving newer or smaller teams a leg-up on the technology side of things in the past eg: McLaren/Force India, then the Ferrari partnership might not mean much at all.
I'm interested to see what becomes of Haas. Its a very tactical move coming in under the wing of Ferrari and should (I say should) avoid a Caterham/Virgin/HRT disaster of a start. Even if they are at the back I don't expect them to be miles behind. Its a good move for them as it means they'll come in and won't be embarrassed. Its a good move for Ferrari as it opens up markets in the US. Its a good move for F1 because they've always wanted the States interest. If Haas are serious in actually competing in F1 though I expect them to part ways with Ferrari once they've hit the ground running (5 years maybe?) and look to form their own partnerships.

Grosjean is an excellent signing in more ways than one. Not only is he and exceptionally quick and good racing driving but he has a strong reputation for being excellent at car set up (ask the Dams boys in GP2) which is only going to be a bonus for a new team with no comparison data. Gutierrez, who will be announced as the 2nd driver in Mexico I think, also has a good rep on set up......not so much on the racing though.

It seems, on the face of it, that Haas entry into F1 has been managed exceptionally well. The proof will be in the pudding though.
I wouldn't be surprised for Haas to have a strong entry plan, and an intent to stay, and, perhaps, dominate the sport some day. I'm not necessarily saying it will happen quickly, but I'm confident they know how to choose the right people for the right jobs to get results.
Skysports pessimistically predicted that that they will only get the odd point here and there. I think they could shock a few established teams and certainly have studied F1 diligently enough to make sure they don't fall at the first hurdle

Some are saying Grosjean has been promised if he performs very well at Haas he will get the Ferrari drive for 2017
Grizzly actually I've always been a Grosjean fan as he has always been a quick driver. Did he make a lot of silly mistakes and course a lot of silly accidents? yes. Then again so did a lot of drivers when they came into the sport. Mika Hakkenien took our three quarters of an F1 field once off the start line. Its about how drivers react and learn from the mistakes they make. I don't think there is anyone that will deny RoGro went away and sorted himself out in a way that some, his current team mate for one, seem unable to do.
Don't disagree at all rasputin, no justification needed, just making the point that you (or anyone else) would be 6 foot under in the interwebz back lawn a few years previous, whether you held the same opinion back then or not.

What a turnaround in public perception. Hats off to him.
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