Graham Hill: Driven

Uhh, I misread and turned to channel 4 and embarrassing bodies is on.. I don’t want to describe what I saw.. or even remember! lol
Documentary about Hill Snr on BBC 4 now, repeat at around midnight
I watched half of it on iplayer on the ps3 last night before it decided to go on strike and refuse to play the rest! Much to my annoyance. What I saw of it was brilliant though, Hill was a real character, and looked like he was a bit of a nightmare to work with, but many of the greatest were. Looking forward to catching the rest of it if it lets me :)
Now watched the rest of it after my iplayer's industrial action the other day! Absolutely brilliant documentary about a fantastic, charasmatic man who was a hell of a driver, and extremely brave. Well worth watching :thumbsup:
"So Jackie, what do you think you could have done, which you didn't?"
Brilliant. The way he congratulated Jackie on his first title "He's had a brilliant season, but for Christ's sake, lay off won't you?"
And the way he used to look around his rival's cars on the start line, pretending to notice something wrong with it and walking off after making sure his rival saw him. What a legend! Shame more drivers aren't like that any more
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