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Very cool stuff here:

Total number of tyres provided in 2012: 31,800 for the races plus 6,600 for the tests
Total numbers of tyres used: Dry tyres: 21,400; wet tyres: 2,100
Average life span of a dry compound this season: 180 km
Average life span of a wet compound this season: 140 km

Tracks, races and tests
Number of races: 20
Number of different race winners: 8
Number of different podium finishers: 13
Number of penalties in 2012: 98
Most penalties for one driver: 14 (Maldonado)
Least penalties for one driver: 0 (Alonso, Glock, d'Ambrosio)
Longest race of the year: Malaysia in 2hrs 44min 51.812s
Shortest race of the year: Great Britain in 1 hr 25min 11.288s
Most laps run on Pirelli tyres: Hard - Kobayashi (798); Medium - Senna (869);
Soft - Ricciardo (1,012); Supersoft - Raikkonen (237); Intermediate - Alonso (145);
Wet - Kobayashi (104)

Highest top speed reached: 346.0 kph (Raikkonen / Italy Race)
Highest average speed of a fastest lap: 248.241 kph (Hamilton / Italy Qualifying)
Slowest average speed of a fastest lap: 161.828 kph (Schumacher / Monaco Qualifying)
Distance covered by Pirelli's Renault R30 test car in 2012: 7,012 kms

Pit stops
Total number of pit stops for the year: 957 (of which 14 were a Drive Through and 2 a Stop & Go penalty)
Total average number of stops per race: 47.9, i.e. 1.9 per driver
Most pit stops in a race: 76 (Malaysia)
Least pit stops in a race: 24 (United States)
Fastest pit stop time: 2.31s (McLaren / Jenson Button at the German Grand Prix)

Number of overtaking manoeuvres in 2012: 1139
Most overtaking manoeuvres in a dry race: 90 at the Chinese Grand Prix
Most overtaking manoeuvres in a wet race (= most ever): 147 at the Brazilian Grand Prix
Least overtaking manouevres in a dry race: 12 at the Monaco Grand Prix

Other statistics
Total kms driven on all compounds in 2012 (races and tests): Hard - 101,692; Medium - 121,840; Soft - 123,270; Supersoft - 21,993; Intermediate - 13,770; Wet - 7,930
Coldest track temperatures: United States Grand Prix at 11 degrees Celsius (17.11.)
Hottest track temperatures: Brazilian Grand Prix at 55 degrees Celsius (23.11.)
Coldest air temperatures: United States Grand Prix at 4 degrees Celsius (17.11)
Hottest air temperatures: Grand Prix of Europe at 37 degrees Celsius (21.06.)
That was my first Grand Prix too haha

Still you get all the support races with it and such, in the end though it ultimately just depends on whether you can spare a few hundred quid, I saved for quite a while...
Glad to see our overtaking stat's are very similar; I presume they get those from Mercedes, who have access to GPS and additional video feeds.
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