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I usually write a thread for the GP3 at the start of the season but due to the uneventfulness of the racing last year I didn't bother thinking it would be another dull year. However I have proved to be wrong and its been a very good year so far so thought I'd write something up to see if anyone else has watched it.

The series has decided to add an extra 10 mins on to the length of the feature race which means tyre management has really come into play and created some real end of the race thrillers. For a series that has a rep for overtaking being difficult seeing Tunjo win from 9th in Austria and Morris come from 19th to 5th is a real eyeopener and these cars really appear to be able to run side by side for 3 or 4 corners at a time.

When Esteban Ocon was announced in the series having just missed out on a GP2 drive I fully expected him to run away with this series and whilst he did win the first race he's not had it all his own way. The likes of Kirchhofer, Luch Ghitto and Emil Bernstoff (he's British apparently) have really be on form at the front and are pushing him for the title. Ferrari development driver Antonio Fucco has also looked quick and got a fabulous win in Austria only to screw up the day after by causing a massive accident which led to a penalty meaning his weekend at Silverstone was pretty pointless. Have to give a mention to Alex Palou as well who has been dam quick through practice and quali but come a cropper in every race and come away with no points.

For those of you of a Welsh disposition then you have Matt Parry and Jan Mardenborough to cheer on. Mardenborough, who famously has come through the gaming platform, is especially racing and has probably done more overtakes this season alone than we saw in the series last year.

Personally I think they've finally tweeked this series to entertaining to watch and a great training ground for young drivers. I think the field is a good mix too and they seem much better behaved.

Current championship is:

Ghitto - 82pts
Kirchhofer - 77pts
Ocon - 64pts
Bernstoff - 63pts.

Anyone been enjoying it?
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Ridiculous race in the GP3 today. Big smashes, chaos under the virtual safety car, nearly every single driver getting some sort of penalty for something and to top it all they didn't wave the chequed flag at the end so we ended up with an extra lap of racing out of nowhere.

I've seen how its finished but I've no idea what the official result is going to be.
Just watched the 2nd race, or should I say destruction derby. What a mess. If the F1 boys tried some of the moves these kids do we end up with most of the drivers banned for a couple of races each season.
Fun to watch though! Been an entertaining year in GP3. It does tell though that the only ones who seem to be able to pull off clean moves are Ghiotto and Ocon and they lead the championship.

Ghiotto has been a real surprise this season. He's been top notch all year long. As an Italian driver you have to wonder if he's now showing up on the edges of Ferrari's radar.
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Apparently they are considering getting rid of their driver academy and spending more money on the car... would link you to the article but it didn't say much more than that.
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