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Giedo van der Garde

Discussion in 'Drivers' started by Josh, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. Titch

    Titch Champion Elect Premium Contributor

    He agreed an out of court settlement today, apparently.
  2. Mephistopheles

    Mephistopheles Banned Contributor

    Because his backers already paid Sauber a substantial amount of money up front, so I guess they want that money back...
  3. Il_leone

    Il_leone Champion Elect

    Mephistopheles Ahh I see which brings me back to a similar situation that bought down Arrows when Tom Walkinshaw had agreed Jos Verstappen was one of his drivers to please Orange who wanted a Dutch driver. Then he sacked Verstappen and replaced him with Frentzen when Prost went bust which infuriated Orange to the point they withdrew sponsorship. Needless to say Arrows did not last long after that
  4. teabagyokel

    teabagyokel #dejavu Valued Member

    Are Orange not French?
  5. Il_leone

    Il_leone Champion Elect

    teabagyokel I always had the impression Orange were a Dutch company but just checked it is French.but it must have been the Dutch branch who were backing Verstappen

    My boss was actually responsible for starting up the group that was to become Orange.
  6. rufus_mcdufus

    rufus_mcdufus Champion Elect

  7. Brogan

    Brogan Leg end Staff Member

    Good for him.

    That will teach teams to sign more contracts then they have seats available.

    I'm sure he would have far rather driven in F1 though.
  8. cider_and_toast

    cider_and_toast Exulted Lord High Moderator of the Apex Staff Member Premium Contributor

    I reckon that's a 50/50 split between him and his backers. His backers get their money back and he gets a tidy sum to cover expenses.

    It's all worked out then.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2015
  9. Bill Boddy

    Bill Boddy Professional layabout Premium Contributor

    How much do Sauber spend a year? This must make quite a hole in their budget, just when they produce a car which looks like it can earn points. And we all know what points make, don't we Brucie.
  10. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Not dead Contributor

    Bugger all in F1 if you're a poor team. Ask Marussia
    Road of Bones likes this.
  11. rufus_mcdufus

    rufus_mcdufus Champion Elect

    Yep, that's got to hurt. At least they appear to have a semi-decent car this year and have won some points already.
  12. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Not dead Contributor

    Sam Bird just tweeted

    'Dear Sauber, can I have a few million not to drive for you too?'

    Cheeky monkey.
  13. cider_and_toast

    cider_and_toast Exulted Lord High Moderator of the Apex Staff Member Premium Contributor

    Not the sort of tweet you want to make if you are looking for a drive in F1.
  14. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Not dead Contributor

    I don't think Sam Bird is under any illusion that he doesn't have the cash to get an F1 drive.
  15. Il_leone

    Il_leone Champion Elect

    Sam Bird must be gutted he will probably never get an F1 drive.....

    Back to Giedo..now he's got some money do you think he will now go to Marussia and demand a drive
  16. FB

    FB Not my cup of cake Valued Member

    Corrected for accuracy
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  17. Brogan

    Brogan Leg end Staff Member

    A statement from vdG.

  18. cider_and_toast

    cider_and_toast Exulted Lord High Moderator of the Apex Staff Member Premium Contributor

    I was with him until "talented drivers" and then he lost me :D
    teabagyokel, no-FIAt-please and FB like this.
  19. Rutherford

    Rutherford Podium Finisher

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