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On behalf of Teabag (The Quiz Master) Yokel, here are 10 questions on the German GP and German stuff in general to warm your brains up ready for this weekends German GP. As usual, don't be shy, post how you did plus any comments.

Regards C_A_T

(TBY, Hope you aprove?)

1) Besides the Ring in all its layouts and Hockenheim which other German track has hosted a formula one world championship round?


2) Why was Bruce Mclaren awarded no formula one WDC points for his 5th place at the 1958 German GP?

He was in an F2 car as it was a combined F1/F2 race

3) Who won the first GP at the revised Nurburgring in 1984?

Alain Prost

4) Which well known person finished well down the field in the same F2 race in which Jim Clark was killed?

Max Mosley

5) Before the 2002 revamp of Hockenheim there were 3 chicanes outside of the stadium section, can you name them (NB this is the last used names of the chicanes not the orginal names)

Clark, Senna and Ost

6) Which British driver was killed in the 1958 German GP?

Peter Collins

7) Name the German alloy wheel brand that gave it's name to a late 70's early 80's F1 Team?


8) Who did Michael Schumacher replace at Benetton in 1991?

Roberto Moreno

9) Besides Schuey, name the other German driver who made a less than impressive F1 debut in 1991?

Michael Bartels

10) And finally, Before Schuey, who was the last German F1 driver to score points?

(Bonus points for when and where)

Christian Danner

4th Place for RIAL in the 1989 Canadian GP

Enjoy !!!! :goodday:
I got 4?, the third coming from the
, I had a question lined up about Wolfgang von Trips, but it can wait for some other quiz!

Thanks, cider, I'll be back to do a quiz about all things Scandanavian after the German GP!
Welsh GP? There just cannot be 10 questions on F1 in Wales and by Welshmen. Unless we start saying "[DRIVER X] holidayed in Rhyl in 19[YEAR Y]"!
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