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  • ...."and then this Tart'n me......."

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  • "I wish I was taller..."

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  • "Did you watch the one last year, where Webber flew up in the air?"

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  • Should I doff my cap, salute, bow, curtsey or just shut my mouth?

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  • "Please, Sir...?"

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  • "I don't usually look down on people..."

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  • Sir Jackie astounds all by revealing that he is Harry's father (that explains the hair...)

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  • "Could I be excused, sir"

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  • JYS: “I’m actually kneeling doown. If I stand on ma feet, I’m taller than yoo”.

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  • Shpare a shhilling for a pint o' heavie mishter

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Before we start, vote on the previous two caption competitions:

That'd be grand.

And then please enter the competition to comment on this picture from the Guardian.

JYS enthrals Prince Harry with a rousing rendition of "Donald where's yer troosers"
OK, AXLE, you've put in 5 entries now, I'm not going to allow any more. We've only got enough space for so many entries and I really want to give everyone a chance.
Fair enough TBY - but everybody has the same opportunity. Some don't choose to post.

I simply fire things off as they come to me - but I hear what you're saying... 8-)
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