Fun rules to make F1 better.


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We've often had threads about what we would do if we were in charge of F1 and the rules we would change.

Theses are normally serious discussions around the design of the cars and the finance of the teams.

Let's have a bit of fun now and introduce some fun or interesting rules to make F1 better.

The only proviso I would say is that the rules should be semi realistic and achievable so for example, you couldn't say "I would have the drivers scoot around the track in foot powered tiny tikes cars"

I'll get the thread going by offering:

All drivers who win the drivers world championship must take a mandatory 1 year break from F1 after winning the title.

Over to you.
Good idea for a thread.

Five times a year (so approx one in four races) after qualifying has finished, they announce that the grid is to be reversed for that race.

They'd obviously know in advance which races this would happen at but they wouldn't tell the teams and drivers beforehand. We don't want anyone to think it's biased against one team or another.
In order for your qualifying result to stand, immediately upon exiting the car you must answer 1 randomly selected question correctly from that weeks CTA Race Quiz. Each failure to do so is a drop of one grid slot, until you get one right.

Drivers are asked in Kubica to first* order to ensure MAXIMUM PAIN potential for those regularly at the sharp end.

*Also known as 'last to first' in some parts of the world, rare cases or typo's.
Each team's pit crew are armed with paintball guns and are allowed to shoot at other pitcrews who are conducting tyre changes.
Reduce all technical restrictions to bare bone. Something like car shall have 4 wheels, only one person shall be driving, and car width will not exceed X, etc. Any engine will do, no restriction on fuel, bring your tires, and test anything you like, as much as you want, any time you want, but show up for a race on time!
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We should go back to the days when the drivers had to run across the track and get into their cars before starting them up to go and race. If you get a grid penalty you would have run from further away than the others.
For qualifying only, all drivers must set their lap times in identical, road standard Kia Venga's.
You know the worrying thing about many of these suggestions is that I'd actually like to see some of them happen.

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