Fun interactive championship

Arbitration required by the stewards. in the meantime, my -2 goes to Lauda. my +1 to Button if he’s still in and to Hill if Button’s out.
I missed all the early action:

So the final table looks like this:

15th - M Schumacher - Jordan 191. RTD. Flat tyre.
14th - N Rosberg - Williams FW28. RTD. Brake failure.
13th - S Vettel - BMW Sauber F1. 07. RTD. Spun out.
12th - J Villeneuve - Williams FW18. RTD. Electrical Failure
11th - N Piquet - Ensign N177. RTD. Hydraulic Failure
10th - N Mansell - Lotus 81B - RTD. Engine Failure.
9th - A Prost - McLaren M29B - RTD. Run out of fuel
8th - F Alonso - Minard PS01 - RTD. Gearbox
7th - L Hamilton - McLaren MP4-22. Fuel Pump Failure.
6th - 1pt. M Hakkinen - Lotus102B. Struck by Lightning.
5th - 2pts - A Senna - Toleman TG183B. Blown turbo
4th - 3pts - K Raikkonen - Sauber C20. Went for a shit.
3rd - 4pts - J Button - Williams FW22. Offered a better contract making shampoo adverts.
2nd - 6pts - N Lauda - March 711. Left to run an airline.

1st Place - 10 Points. D Hill. Brabham BT60B.

A popular win there for the 1996 F1 World Champion.
The next game is up:

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