Current FOTA seeking KERS ban from 2010...


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Is this just more whinging from Briatore or are FOTA really looking to ban KERS from 2010?
It's obvious that some teams have fared better than others when it comes to KERS but I doubt the FIA are going to go back on their "green" agenda.

The Formula One Teams' Association is looking at banning Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) from next season, according to Renault boss Flavio Briatore.
"We understood immediately that KERS was a money-sucking genius, and the FIA should have taken note of that. It should have been discussed before the start of the season, and the same goes for the diffusers. Having failed to do that has forced on us expenses that are crazy as much as useless."

McLaren seem to be the only team to have successfully adopted KERS so it could be a case of 8 or 9 against 1 when it comes to FOTA discussing the future of KERS.

More here: Briatore: FOTA seeking 2010 KERS ban
I don't have a bl**dy clue what Flavio is on about this time, KERS is run by which teams? McLaren, Ferrari, BMW Sauber and I'm sure there was one other team, Brogan, can't remember which...
It was Renault

Flavio is just upset that he's got an F1 team that is crap, and he's got a football team that is crap (mainly due to his chairmanship) and he's got a mouth with nothing positive to say!

I'd imagine this is news to FOTA! Funny I haven't heard Dominicali or Thiessen mouthing off and their cars aren't brilliant either. Miserable moaning git!
Isnt the Renault running KERS?. Just like Flavio to throw yet another spanner in the works, Im sure hes got the memory of a goldfish :givemestrength:
Who knows and who care's, KERS is overexpensive, over compliated, and as bout as much differnce to f1's green vision has adding one wind turbine to a nuclear power plant! Whilst Flavio may have is own reasons for not wanting KERS (Hindering devlopment with the car i.e areodymamibc's, weight ratios) he's actually right, the KER's apperently has less power then the 1's in hybrid cars.....whats the point. Get F1 running on solar power now that would make a differnce!
Boyle99 said:
Andrea_Moda_Rules said:
Who knows and who care's

Shouldn't that be "Who knows and who KERS"?

The "bad puns" division of the comedy police are now coming after you, Boyle! They don't like these things, we've had our disagreements, but I know what I can't do...!

As for Flavio, where were the bad puns in his comment? I think we should disregard a comment unless there is some type of joke/pun/chirpy humour in it! Since the Championship this year will probably be Button vs Vettel, we'd probably lose little in the case of interviewing the contenders and much in losing arseholes like Flavio! :crazy:
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