Formula One Promoters Association (FOPA)

Looks like the race calendar could be quite different come 2014 then...

On the payment front, the F1 teams used to have to pay the circuits to hold the races which was pretty bloody stupid. Perhaps Bernie has gone too far in the level of payment he expects, along with the investment in infrastructure required, but you have to ask why, if they object to the charges being levied, the circuits don't just say no and lose their race? They, or the local economies, must be making something out of it.
As I understand it, most (if not all) circuits run a loss for an F1 GP

Hence why there are more and more state sponsored circuits/GPs - they're the only ones who can afford to absorb the costs.
Intereresting.But after reading this article it would appear that Bernie himself is behind this development.

In contrast, putting the brakes on the FIA's plans suits Ecclestone as much as the circuits since he had threatened to sue the governing body over the proposed engine regulations. The formation of FOPA further cements his power since Walker is one of his closest allies.
"The association will be used to promote F1 and support Bernie," he says adding that "any move by CVC to replace Bernie will be vigorously defended by the circuits as they regard him as the glue that holds the sport together." There is no indication that CVC wants to replace Ecclestone but it is understood to have a succession plan in place since he turns 82 this year.
I'm not sure exactly what to make of this, but it really does boggle the mind how much sway, power, and influence is held by a single, solitary, diminutive man. The fact that the circuit owners see this guy as indispensable speaks volumes.
If sportsman's Pitpass article is correct, and the circuits think Bernie is their best bet, it creates the horrible spectacle of CVC potentially intending to replace Ecclestone with an even more hard-nosed, tight-fisted, money-grubbing extortionist. Must have been a long search, that one.

Otherwise it's the turkeys voting for Christmas, isn't it?
Bernie's on one side as commercial rights holder and the promoters and circuit owners are on the other side.

But Bernie is also the official promoter for the Belgian GP, and the circuit owner for the new French GP that will alternate with the Belgian one from next year.
Typical Bernie, whichever way it goes he trousers the proceeds.

But before then, though, there is the rather appealing prospect of the Spa promoter and the Paul Ricard circuit owner having to gang up on the commercial rights holder and give him a bloody nose.
All the rest of FOPA can sit it out until those three have slugged it out, and then move in and pick up the pieces:D
This article suggests Bernie is behind FOPA in an attempt to reverse the engine changes planned for 2014.

Meanwhile, Ecclestone is working away behind the scenes to stop them. He has got former Renault team boss Flavio Briatore to come up with a 'GP1' set of rules, which include - among other things - continuing with the current engines.

The threat, clearly, is that he will take the commercial rights holders and the circuits with him (and possibly many of the teams), giving the FIA the choice to drop the engines or lose the substance of its championship.
Surely anything with Flavio at the center must be a good thing :o!
Surely there has been too much commitment and development from the engine manufacturers to turn this around now?

This used to be the 'mid-season doldrums' when Bernie used to drum up a story to keep everyone else interested in the sport. Do you think he needs to reset his clock to later in the year or does he reckon people start drifting after 7 races?

For what it's worth I think this will turn out to be yet another storm in a teacup... Bernie knows where the cheques come from and it is the prestige of FIA F1.
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