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I think the driver changes are still all about the series finding who has the right style suited to the series as well as bringing in the right sponsors and right audience. Duran (so many 80's music jokes) has done an above average record in most of the series he's been in without standing out however from reading his background he appears to have done better on street circuits.

The real reason he is there though is simple. Mexican driver brings in Mexican sponsorship and it just so happens that Mexico City is supposedly going to be the venue for the yet to be announced race in Feb.

I'm not sure its too much of an issue though as Amlin Aguri are looming set to be one of the back running teams.


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Local Times. Note they are 2 hours behind the UK.



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Looking set to be a big finish at the end there, but then JEV retired. His rotten luck has followed him from F1. Heidfeld is also looking to raise an eGypsy's curse, although he took a point.

Finally a win from eDAMS though. They've looked fastest all year really, but with a little help from the Safety Car, it was a win as soon as Moose got into a decent race starting position.

Another podium for di Grassi though, and the chaos has lead to a massive 18 point lead, with Bird in the wall. LDG, Bird and Moose are quite a way clear of Nico Prost in 4th.


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I thought that was a great race. I'm gutted for JEV and Bird. JEV still made a great show of his talent with that run. He seemed blighted by technical gremlins from the outset.

The series looks really good and the improvements they have made since the first race in its presentation are noticeable. If I am ever forced to not enjoy F1 like I do now then I won't be too upset with this series becoming my go to. I will continue to follow the sport and make sure that I watch every race.

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That was a fantastic race, I really liked this circuit. It really does seem very much like Monaco, and with Formula E cars being able to crawl all over the back of each other like that, and the amount of sand on the circuit, it makes for an exciting race. I'm definitely a Formula E convert - I'd be quite happy to say this might become my new favorite. Sorry F1 - get rid of Bernie and we'll renegotiate on that ;)


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I want to love it, I really do; but the coverage is such a complete pile of bollocks that I really wonder whether I can be bothered to be arsed to continue to follow it. The pre-show was actually very good, although the woman at the circuit doing interviews is clueless, but why they have those seemingly locked-off camera shots staggers me. We watched every car drive off the line when we should've actually been watching the fight into turn one and beyond, too often we missed action to see processions further down the field, including the most important overtake of the race - the one for the lead.
If they are wearing socks, can they please pull them up?


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gethinceri whilst I agree in the race coverage could be better its only in recent times that F1 has managed to get it right.

Enjoyed the race yet again. Buemi finally put it together and got the win E-Dams have been threatening to do since testing. Buemi was always the favourite for the title before this started but he's given Di Grassi a bit of a head start and since Di Grassi already had the advantage of doing more testing than anyone that's not a good thing. Lets remember that 18 point gap is a artificial as they do drop one result at the end of the season.

Was really enjoying seeing Matty Brabham in action and it was a bit of a heart break to see his race end with him crying behind a safety wall bless him. I'd rather have someone young and exciting in the car than Montangy though so I hope he gets another go in Argentina.

Looking forward to the next one. Oh and ITV 4 seem to have hit on a good studio team to present the thing in the UK as I was quite interested in hearing them talk even if I did get the impression that after watching it Bruno Senna might be a bit scared to be left in a room with Jodie Kidd on his own.
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