FIA Formula 1 v Formula E

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No passing through my dirty air please
I don't want to sound like a broken record but...
Set the regs so the cars can get close enough for wheel to wheel racing.
It's what the sport is about.
It's where the skill lies.
It's where the risk is.

If you want excitement you have to have close racing.

Well that simple. get rid of the Aero. look at GP2. Look at Formula E. very little Aero and cars can follow which leads to good racing. F1 though has decided to add more Aero.

I'm afraid F1 has gone down the route of being the pinnacle of engineering not driving. It has achieved that no doubt but it turns out that's not as exciting to watch on TV.

I'm sure Adrian Newy loves to watch races on repeat and is ecstatic watching the bits on the car.
That really is it, it doesn't matter how fast the racing is, as long as it's racing. Side by side, pushing all the way, it will have the spectators on their feet.
Maybe F1 should take a long hard look at the way forward, which may be to step backward.
That really is it, it doesn't matter how fast the racing is, as long as it's racing.


I thought motor racing had something to do with speed? I saw one of them daft youtube clips once. It had a ouple of snails pitted against each other. Fastest to crawl across the line was the winner. It was a very close race alright. Didn't really set the pulse racing though.
Close racing with wheel banging and cars barging through under contact has NEVER been a hallmark of Formula One. The combination of Man and Machine working together to collect the title ALWAYS has.

I want to see those 2004-05 lap records shattered next year and I am not concerned at all if the racing suffers a bit. F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport for a reason and the day they start eschewing technological progress for manufactured battles due to severely enforced car limitations is the day it will cease to hold that title.

It's quite difficult to tell the difference between 200 and 100 mph on TV.

Put Formula E cars on an actual racetrack and it would be painful to watch.
Ras, you were the one suggesting that F1 should look to FE for how racing should be. I said that is ludicrous and basically impossible, unless you make them run at VSC speeds of course.
Yeah, right. I haven't commented on FE in months and months. Because I just don't care.

It's flatly ridiculous to suggest the aero package in FE has anything to do with the racing though. They can race closely because they are in slow motion. Formula One cars would have no trouble racing wheel to wheel if they went that slow.
In Bernie news....On Friday SkyF1 was talking about how the hospitality tent that read "FOM" was changed to display "Mr. E" overnight.

Oh to live one day as a megalomaniac billionaire...
I'm just correcting you on the misguided notion that Formula One can learn anything from Formula E's minimalistic aero package. 2009 was probably F1's best attempt at this route and it failed (partly because of something unforeseen). Formula One should never aspire to re-create anything seen in Formula E at the moment. This will have meant an ultimate dumbing-down of the sport that has never been seen before. Which is also why I find JB's idea about shortened GP abhorrent.
All I said was that Formula E enjoys an advantage which no other series can match when it comes to producing close racing. Its extraordinary lack of speed. This fact makes it nigh on impossible to draw lessons from its best aspect.
Look at Formula E.


There is next to no Aero in Formula E.

I guess we're all pretty confused about what you're talking about Ras.


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KekeTheKing as you very well know. The comment I made was during a discussion being had on how to 'level' the playing field and make F1 more competitive. it was a response to a suggestion that maybe weight should be added to cars to level things out. I said if you wanted to do that then we should just get rid of Aero like in GP2 and Formula E.

There is next to no Aero in Formula E. They have a new front wing this year. The shape has been changed to make it look nicer. It has front wings and it has back wings but not super complex bendy flexible wings they have on an F1 car. GP2 similarly has basic Aero which does not create the dirty air meaning a car is not adversely effected by following closely for long period of time.

This is something very widely talked about and not something I have come up with on my own.
It's amazing how many overtakes in a race formula e has on those tight tracks. Betting if f1 would drive on the same tracks there would maybe be 1 or 2 overtakes per race!
Follow me here Rasputin. You could put any aero package you want on a Formula E car and it wouldn't make a bit of difference to the car behind. They're not going fast enough and there are barely any quick corners anyway.

By the same token, if you put Formula E battery power in the most aerodynamically sensitive F1 car ever then they would still be able to battle away hammer and tongs.

You've somehow turned this into a referendum on Formula E, which it never was. I just stated a fact that you didn't like.
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