Formula 1 Gold

Brogan said:
And this one now :D ;)

Thanks for the links, some really interesting stuff there.

I can talk to the main guys, and maybe the site can workout something with you'll as a brother forum or something, or maybe you can share their technical section and pictures. IF you guys are keen, do let me know. Btw how old is this forum?

How old is this forum? F1Passionates started in April 2008.
I had a little nosey at that site when it was first posted here I think it is Brilliant.
I had a look at the differences of the teams cars race to race It sure was an intresting read, especially seeing how teams put so much focus on the little details, I wonder how much differences it actually makes because the design, research and development and actually making them must end up costing quite a bit when you look at expenditure at the end of the season. If/When the Budget cap comes in surely restricting what the teams do here would save a few bob

........Anyhow the two sites somehow working together?? I ge it a thumbs up seems like a perfect combo to me :D
Mustang said:
Spoke to the F1P team, they are ready to collabrate.

Don't let Max know, both sites will be facing sanctions before you can say "You are requested to attend a meeting in Paris with the WMSC, bring a lawyer"
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