Formula 1: Drivers will ask fans about state of sport


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Looks like the F1 Drivers are forcing the issue with the upper echelon of F1 to do something about the Sport.

They're asking the fans via Social Media during the Monaco Grand Prix, 20th to 24th May, they'll canvass views on a wide range of issues, technical, commercial, audience behaviours, etc.

I do remember doing a survey for F1 a few years ago, but interested to see what the questions would be, shall we have a go:

Q1 - Currently do you find F1 as exciting as:

a) Exuberance - As the Sky Sports Commentator pretend it is
b) Dread - As in waiting in the Dentist Waiting Room for Root Canal Surgery
c) Boredom - As in watching Paint Dry
d) Sleepy - As in the 7 Dwarfs
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So the drivers ask the fans, how are they gonna do this? On the track parade or is there a dedicated web site somewhere that I don't know about.

What will it achieve? **** all that's what...
Q2. It's a sunny Sunday afternoon and there's is an F1 race you will be:

a) Glued to the TV to see the excitement that is modern F1
b) Glued to the TV to see the excitement that is mechanics changing tyres
c) Glued to the TV to see the excitement that is F1 cars not able to get close enough to overtake one another
d) Picking the fluff from your navel and collecting it in a pint glass
The problem with poll type surveys is that you can only answer in line with the statements given. I.E. Question. Do you think Ferrari should be paid more because of their sporting history? a) yes b) absolutely c) of course d) don't know. n.b. if you pick don't know we will assume that you would have selected a, b, or c.

Just seen FB's post above. :D
Since the SATS for 10/11 year olds have finished today, some questions for Bernie:
Complete the following with the words less, fewer or more:

If you put the race on fewer televisions ________ people will watch the race.
If fewer people watch the race _________ sponsors will want to sponsor F1.
If fewer sponsors sponsor teams, there will be _________ teams.
If fewer sponsors sponsor races, FOM will earn _________ money.
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I don't see how having fewer sponsors will reduce FOM's take.

What we will get is the usual "vote for Joe" system where you are given a question and a number of answers to put your cross against; none of these answers will in any way include the one that you want, e.g. "Q do you want races to be (a) half the current length (b) a quarter of the current length (c) no more than ten minutes (d) run on a Scalectrics circuit."
Not only will the fans only be able to select from predetermined responses, they will be extremely vague. Example Q: I find F1 racing a) exciting b) somewhat exciting c) not exciting. The responses are not tallied as FOM don't care, they then come out and say "The majority of those polled found the overtaking in current F1 lacking, therefore we are introducing DRS. Problem = solved. You are welcome."

They already know what they are going to do to change F1. This poll is just a scape goat so teams and officials can say "This is what you asked for. [So suck it up!]"

*Internally frustrated*
There's always the off button.
Doesn't really solve the problem of today's F1 if you have been a fan for twenty years or more does it? I mean watch and enjoy F1 for a large proportion of your life, see it get into such a state that you are exasperated with it and someone tells you if you don't like it then don't bother watching it rather than saying voice your opinion and hope that someone listens.

Even the bloody drivers are saying they don't like today's F1, maybe someone should say to them, if you don't like it then don't bother driving...
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What did we get after the FOTA fan survey? Bloody DRS and disintegrating tyres, because all the casual fans wanted to see was endless repeats of Brazil 2008.

People keep saying "bring back such-and-such a thing from the 80s", from pundits like DC and Brundle, to the likes of Prost & Lauda, but I think that's the wrong way to go. If we want F1 to reclaim the pinnacle, then surely looking backward is merely rehashing the past? I rather liked Ferrari's future F1 car concept- let's open up the regs to build cars like that!
Rumours that they discussed teams being allowed to choose their own tyre compounds for 2016. Provisos include suitable lead time so the tyres can be made up, plus no extremes such as super softs at Monza. Could be quite interesting. So long as they don't get into the situation 10 (?) or so years ago where teams were locked in to a particular manufacturer who just happened to be worse than the other one..
some believe having a tyre war will be great for F1 because it incentivise the companies to produce better compounds.. although there was no rule in place to stop the supplier favouring one team despite supplying other teams which off course worked in Ferrari's favour wit Bridgestones.
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