Force India - best of the rest?

Which team is going to win the midfield battle?

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Force India seem to be on an increasingly upward trend when it comes to performance.
Adrian Sutil managed to qualify in 10th at the Bahrain GP, ahead of Both Williams, both Saubers and 1 Renault.

Liuzzi wasn't that far behind in 12th with Rubens being the only other driver to out-qualify him.

If it wasn't for that unfortunate first lap spin caused by Mark Webber's car being overfilled with oil, Sutil was well placed for a decent finish.
As it was, he managed to recover from last to 12th with his teammate Liuzzi finishing in 9th, ahead of everyone except the big 4.

So have Force India managed to grab that all important spot at the top of the midfield or is it too early to say?
Of course it is too early to say, but that hasn't stopped everyone jumping in with assumptions based on Bahrain. [including me]

If we assume THE BIG FOUR are clear then we can say that the 9th placed qualifier in Bahrain is head of the midfield. Sutil may have even defeated members of THE BIG FOUR. But we don't know, the Joker in the Pack strategy wise was thrown out of the deck at Turn 1 (hence boring similar strategies), but he was quick enough to beat Kubica on the hard tyre, so that's not to be sniffed at!

Lets see if the Force is with them in Australia, and if they can be close to THE BIG FOUR there. Snap judgements have been made, but lets not get all... Nick Fry!
They have been doing a consistently good job for quite a while. Giancarlo made a stupendously grave error of judgement moving to Ferrari and compounded it by electing to stay there and not making every effort to get his FI seat back. FI would be even stronger had he stayed with them, he had the kind of experience that DC brought to Red Bull. I see them embarrassing the top teams at Monza and other fast circuits this year as they did in Spa. They were 4th and 6th through the speed traps last weekend, so I believe they still have a singularly special aero balance that most others lack.
It would seem that Force India have produced a good car that much is clear so far however where they will fall down I expect is how they improve that car over the season. That is the difference between a top team and the midfield guys.

It was noticeable last season with Williams who seemed to have great pre-season pace and carried that through into the early races but then struggled to keep up with the rest as the season went on.

One thing in FI's favour is that they seem to have to pretty decent drivers behind the wheel where as Williams had one good driver and one rent-a-seat who came with the engines.

The battle for the midfield is going to be interesting to watch as the season develops.
FI made huge strides through last season, if I recall correctly. I think they seriously consider themselves to be a viable front running team and are funding themselves accordingly.
Considering that Sauber look much slower than expected - although I expect them to do better in Australia - then you have to consider Williams, FI and Renault are the 3 fighting it out to be best of the rest.

They all have kind of odd driver lineups :

Williams have possibly the best - an old head with tonnes of wisdom and experience, and is still pretty quick. They also have a very highly rated rookie who found it tough in Bahrain.

Renault have one of the best of the 'modern generation' of drivers in Kubica, IMO. He's far better than Rosberg, for example. Petrov will be better than Piquet or Grosjean, in my view.

FI have two decent drivers. Sutil has bags of talent but wastes it. Liuzzi, not completely convinced by.

I think, realistically, Renault will prove to be best of the rest. All 3 teams could score podiums this season, but for me, Renault have a solid driver lineup and potentially the experience of improving over a season, even if they don't have Renault's actual backing and finance.
I voted FI then realised Renault were in the poll too.. :givemestrength:

I think it'll be close between those two, FI both have decent drivers and a quick car, Renault have one very good driver and one unknown in what also looks to be a quick car. I expect to see Kubica on the podium a few times, but I'm not sure who'd come out ahead in the points balance..
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