The decision to no longer continue with FF1 was made last year, long before our decision to consider moving to the US.

It's a lot of work for no benefit at all to the site; in short it's a waste of time and effort.

The vast majority of players don't contribute to the site in any way and just log in every two weeks to update their FF1 team, then disappear until the results are published.
Come the end of the season they vanish for several months and then start checking around February to sign up again.

I was hoping that the introduction of an automated FF1 game and the huge changes I made last year to the interface (charts, graphs, etc.) would have some positive effect, but it's clear now that the site is never going to be anything more than it is now and it has been slowly dying for years.


I've put more hours and years of my life into this site than I care to imagine.
I'm not going to waste any more of both on it.
Yes we do appreciate the hard work that Brogan has put in. I also think that if F1 gets better this will be the Forum that people will turn to, and it will be back up to it's glory days, that's if Brogan intends it to remain, or was that a statement of CTA's demise ?
Is this happening this year because I can't find any information on the site or a way to register. The season starts in just under two weeks. Am I missing something here?
I see. Well, I'd like to say a big thanks for all the work in the past and that I very much enjoyed it.
Just to announce that TMP is going the same way; as you may have noticed it did proper tail off last year. Anyone willing to run it has my best wishes.
Yay... I will remain as the last FF1 champ!! Thank you for everything Brogan. I think the CTA FF1 was a great game, but I understand that if there's not enough interest then it's not worth keep going on.. unless someone was able to run it?
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