Ferrari's Quiet Revolution


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Much has been said about McLaren's quick turnaround from the back of the grid to challenging for the title. However, equally impressive has been Ferrari's quieter turnaround.

Ferrari are the only team to have featured on the last 5 Grand Prix podiums, this with the emotional trauma of losing a driver to injury, and the Badoer-Fisi experiment at the last 3 races.

Part of this has to be attributed to the "demotivated" Kimi Räikkönen who has scored 4 podiums in the last 4 races. He has been fantastic for the 4 races where he had no team-mate or a weak team-mate, which may be because he has been released from the competition of Massa. Either way, he has picked up 30 points from the last 4 races, more than anyone else, and more than anyone else bar the Brawns, Red Bulls and Nico Rosberg has picked up over the whole season.

The retirement of Räikkönen at the Nurburgring, the absence of Massa in Hungary and the performances of Fisichella and Badoer afterwards ensured that Ferrari have run a one car team at the last 5 races and found themselves equal to the task.

The Scuderia are now 3rd in the Constructors' Championship and favourites to stay there, Räikkönen is 5th in the Drivers' Championship and at the current rate is likely to catch the Red Bull drivers. It has been a fantastic change for which Maranello deserve great credit!
You make a good point.

Looking at the results, Kimi has scored 30 points in the last 4 Grands Prix, Rubens 22, Lewis 18, Heikki 15 and Jenson 12.

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Ironically since Hungary, Kimi has been on a relentless climb upwards with 4 podiums, including 1 win.

We can only wonder how the results would have been if Massa was still racing.
Would Ferrari be even higher up in the WCC or would Kimi not have performed as well?

Is Kimi another driver who has been unfairly labelled with a negative personality trait?

Having said that though, if it wasn't for Kimi's use of the run-off area at Eau Rouge, the first lap incidents at Spa and Lewis' last lap crash in Monza, the points and standings would look very different.
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