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Hello all, so the new cars are being unveiled and some of the differences are quite striking as they all conform to the new regulations.

First out of the factory is the Ferarri F60

in those pics the rear wing doesn't look that big...but woooooooooaaah nellie!

also note the helmet cam ????


a) those front wings are MASSIVE! lots are going to get knocked off at every front corner and Monaco is going to be a nightmare

b) the overhead shot shows a bit better how much the cars have changed since last year and look so much cleaner.

This year

Last year

Can't wait to see the McLaren :D

I could also make a comment about the F60's mirrors being much further outboard so Felipe can see cars coming down the pitlane but I won't .... ooops ;)


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I like it.

The overhead shot clearly shows the differences.

The front wing though I feel is a mistake.
I wonder how many cars we are going to see retiring/pitting for new wings due to the slightest of taps?

I'm not convinced about the mirrors either.
The mountings seem unusually complex and look to me as if they are aero devices by another name.
I wonder if the HelmetCam is something that Ferrari have put on the car for their own information rather than a pattern coming into F1 this year! Its also interesting that Ferrari haven't been so keen to paint a huge no 3 on the front of their car as they were to paint the 1 on it last year! Them front-wings are going to come off, I agree, and when they do... CAR No. 1 UNDER INVESTIGATION. Aerodynamic winglets have taken a battering on this forum, so we have to say its good that they're gone! But, as usual, what'll be interesting is who is the faster car come Melbourne!
Those pictures are a great way to look at the differences in the new cars from last year. Good Stuff. :ok:

I don't mind the front wings at all. Yeah, I expect there will be the usual front end nerfs but I don't think it will be as bad as all that.

I was looking at the front end of the car and the tip of the nose seems really really high and the back of the car reminds me a little of the disasterous 1992 "Twin Floor" car.

I agree with Bro that the mirror mounts look like winglets by another name but I'm sure every other team will take advantage of that as well.

Can't wait for the off and to see what other cars look like.
The MP4-24 (I presume) is out on Friday and I'll update this thread when it does.

Meanwhile have some helmet cam action (although in this video he seems to be running with and without it)

The front wing flexes and wobbles quite a lot over the bumps.

Surely that can't be good for the downforce and overall stability?
Some more images of the F60.
Click for larger versions.

P.S. Hope you don't mind Ed but I've renamed the thread - it might be better to have a separate thread for each constructor.


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No worries :D

It's weird, the rear wing doesn't look that tall from any other angle than head (nose?) on - Also you can see from that helmet cam how smooth the Mugello circuit is - I'd love to see the same shot from Singapore.

75 days to go ;)
Some nice close up shots.

Click for the full size images.


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More images.


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Yeah, because not complying with the rules has been a real problem for Ferrari designs over the past couple of years. I'm sure there'll be the usual half-assed explanation of why the {winglet/tyre cover/moving front wing} is actually within the laws that the FIA will accept!
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