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I have signed up for FF1 on another site. There is the option of creating a mini league, would anyone like me to set up a CTA league?
I thought about trying a new one, but didn't find one like the CTA one where you could make (or lose) money to build a stronger team. That was what I liked about our one.

The GP this morning wasn't the same without JCB Racing to cheer on. :(
No problem guys, the website I signed up to cancelled the FF1 it due to lack of interest :(

Jez how did your spread sheet take the news he was being made redundant? :)
Has anyone found a suitable replacement for the CTA league?

We've been using GPGaffer, but don't like the fact that it does not have money fluctuating which performance etc. None of the ones I've seen run quite like CTA.
I think Brogan and Galahad should sell the rights to Liberty. They want to bring gaming into F1 and FF1 was perfect.

The races have much less 'depth' for me this year without the game to make the races interesting for the minor points placed.
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