F1's effect on unemployment

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With high levels of unemployment worldwide, is it is fair for an F1 driver to sack family? or many personal trainers?

Some people are trying to stop this situation getting out of hand - Fernando Alonso recently hired the lovely Roberta Vallorosi as his personal press secretary, while HRT is set to announce how many drivers they will use this season.

We should follow the Spanish example.
not sure what point you're trying to make? Many of these employees will be on fixed term contracts for one or more seasons and I suspect it's more a case of not renewing a contract than sacking them.
All I'm trying to say is that it's not fair for selfish drivers to sack their father, or fire personal managers on a regular basis.

Brogan, what are you talking about?
I'm not aware of any driver who fires his personal manager on a regular basis. And as for them firing their fathers, I assume you are referring to Hamilton, in which case I refer you to the well known saying about never mixing business with family. I'm sure Hamilton hasn't left his father penniless and destitute.
As one of the unfortunate victims of the economic downturn I have recently become unemployed so I now have more time on my hands to watch F1 testing and practise sessions once they start up.

That's the only effect F1 can have on unemployment!

As for your views on the subject, the amount of people directly or indirectly employed by F1 may run into the 10's of 1000's but even if everyone in the business was made redundant tomorrow, the effect on global unemployment figures would be so minute it would hardly be even noticed.

If you're worred about a single industry having an effect on global economics, I would say it's the lack of confidence in the retail sector that is having a knock-on effect on construction and other services.

F1 actually has had a positive effect on global employment levels, how many people will have been recruited to build and service all these new circuits and the facilities that go with them?
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