F1 YOU BET 2016 - The Game


Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Here are the results for Abu Dhabi
racecub Our biggest winner.

The season is over and the awards are as follows:

Greenlantern101 - You are world champion :1st: and get the additional 'I've just got a feeling' Award. LOL
cider_and_toast - My Hero Award - for posting the odds when I was on holiday thanks chap.
Titch - The Alonso Award - Former world champion pottering around at the back ;)
RasputinLives -The Von Doom Award - For betting on a rooky in a MacLaren (10th) Well someone had to.
rufus_mcdufus - The Double Award - Winner of 2 rounds. Nice.
teabagyokel - Lord Give My A SIgn Award - £44 all in win on Lewis. Devine.
Slyboogy mjo soccerman17 - Meh Award - Most Rule 6's applied.
Fenderman - The Taper Award - Initial excitement followed by indifference.
Hamberg - Our 2nd runner up. 3rd place :3rd: And The Gold Rush Award - a 4 race winning streak. Amazing.
Jos the Boss aaron8831 - Survivor Award - eeking out the pennies till the end.
jez101 - Crashed and Burned Award - First to go bust
racecub - The runner up - 2nd place, :2nd: And the Quadraphonic Award - 4 times round winner. Brilliant.
pob - White stick and guide dog award - betting big and blind on the first race
F1Brits_90 - Singapore sling award - Slinging it all away in singapore
AlexM - Went big then went home Award - Brave bets and taking the lead early on. It didn't last.
ATL11 The Pits - The German Award - Going bust after betting on a German in Germany
vintly - Fashionably late Award - Last to sign up.

Thanks everyone. I really hope you enjoyed the game. Thanks for playing.

See you next year. :cheers: :friends: :thumbsup: :wave:


Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Ok I'm thinking about this years game. Coming soon.

Big problem. Gutierez isn't racing..

So who do I have as the rule 6 penalty bet driver? Sauber are the obvious choice given they have last years engine, but I feel that Pascal and Marcus are too good for this dishonour. It's a quality field this year.

Oh the dilemma.
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