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Virgin media have both allowed me to pause my sports package yet keep watching the sports channels where nothing is happening.


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i think sky have paused everyones. right thing to do. people watching this for live sport not talking about it

i know for F1. they need 16 races to provide otherwise tv companies will be entitled to a sliding scale of refunds which would be nightmare as tv is biggest income for liberty as 39% income comes from the likes of sky sport/s in germany UK Spain. Fox Sports & ESPN


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ITV is pretty much a closed book to me now, but a friend tipped me off about Brian Moore meets Niki Lauda - a long interview with him at home in Salzburg shortly after his first retirement in 1980, interspersed with behind-the-scenes footage from the 1979 British GP at Silverstone, when his relationship with Brabham was in on it's last legs. Naturally there is plenty of focus on the Nurburgring accident and his recovery.

Notable obviously for the man himself - fiercely intelligent, critical and lacking in bullshit as ever - and also for the fabulous footage of him drifting a pre-ground effect Ferrari around Kyalami (I think?) in the opening sequence.

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I cannot understand why anyone would have waited for the Government ; they were proposing a system which relied on most of the population catching the bug in the vain hope of of 25% of the them not catching if.
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