F1 to leave free-to-air TV?

Sky reaches 10 million, as in there are 10 million people who have a Sky receiver in their homes :rolleyes: Not all of them watch the F1 coverage, although given the way Sky monitors your viewing habits (if you're stupid enough to connect it to a phone line) their viewing figures are probably more accurate than the BMRB stuff who take a small snapshot of viewers and then multiply it by the number of homes with a TV (I know it's more complicated than that).
Would not be surprised if the bbc loose all coverage, it has been on the cards since the ridiculous cuts were announced.

Im not that bothered, I have watched everything on SKY anyway. I think they are doing a better job than the Beeb. And no Eddie Jordan as a bonus.
I guess at this point I would be forced to buy Sky, still it is ridiculously over priced. As for the teams, well we thought that they wouldn't allow the pile of steaming bullshit we currently find ourselves in so they cannot be relied upon. Isn't there a new Concorde agreement in a few years? I suspect it will involve no stipulation that F1 must remain free to air...
I think they're negotiating now, as the existing agreement runs out on New Year's Eve this year.
German broadcaster RTL have Free to Air coverage on the Astra satellite as do n-TV. I'm sure you can get the Astra feed in the UK, combine that with 5Live commentary and job's a good un.
Sort of related but from next season only half the races will be shown on Italian free-to-air TV, in a similar deal to that done between the BBC and Sky.
Well it was obvious which way the wind was blowing as soon as the BBC chose to show only half the races live I can't say I'm surprised and as for Bernie on saying "Selling F1 to Sky would be suicide for F1" that directly translates into "Bernie is selling F1 to Sky."

Don't forget you heard it here first from Mr Mephistopheles your home of the pessimistic news broadcast...
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