F1 Teams - who has the biggest appendage?


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Having just seen the plans for the new Ferrari technical centre it got me thinking about the general "pissing contest" that has evolved in F1 over the last 20 years around headquarters, technical centres and "mobile homes". At the German GP there was a huge field just full of the HGV's used to ship all the gear to the circuit, including all the stuf FOM TV needs to hawk about.

I don't begrudge an F1 team a nice, state of the art factory but are some of the edifices now being constructed more about the ego of the team management than what is needed to produce an F1 car? Here are a few of the F1 team buildings:

Ferrari Gestione Sportiva (under construction)


The infamous MTC


Red Bull. Milton Keynes


AMG Mercedes at Brackley (quite an old image with the "Earth Nightmare" truck outside)


Sauber at Hinwil


Force India


Williams (and not a cooling tower in sight)


As you can see some are simply industrial units which have been converted (FI, Red Bull, AMG Mercedes). Others appear to be making a statement, although quite what that statement is I'm not sure when you consider the two most excessive ones (if that is the right description, you may choose to disagree) are from McLaren and Ferrari who appear to have forgotten how to make a racing car in the last few years.
From 1980 until they folded, somewhere on this small trading estate in Chasetown, Staffordshire was the headquarters of Ensign F1.


Yep, the car that came 4th in the 1981 Brazillian GP and took fastest lap of the race was built there.

You see Tony, you should have revived the Ensign name not Lotus :D
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