Gaming F1 Online: The Game

Just spotted this online F1 racing and management game that is in beta development, they are looking for people to test it before it goes live:

It appears to be Formula 1 (the commercial entity) and codemasters, also looks like its going to be a freebie (I know - F1 and free, not natural bedfellows) when it does go live as its a promo tool at the end of the day! Still looks pretty good and I have signed up.

Wow! ..... doesn't look like the sort of game where you can log in on a Thursday for 10 minutes to check your race 'set-up' ROFL

More the sort where you need to be on line more hours than I feel to be healthy - could seriously interrupt my beer-drinking time.

Pity it wasn't around in the 70's - I was only doing O'Levels (like GCSE's, but with real exams at the end!) and had loads of time.:snigger:
....... edit: that's probably why I took up beer drinking in the first place. :o
That was really random FB all I know is that you could play as Cedric the Entertainer in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004. Best part of the whole game.

Didn't make the Beta Test tho :please:
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