I Wrote A Book


No passing through my dirty air please
So whilst I was on my board hiatus I wrote and published a Science Fiction novel. Came out last September and is available on Amazon both in paperback and kindle.

Mission End Mission End: Amazon.co.uk: Shrimpton, Richey: 9798848205152: Books

Thought i'd share it here in case any of you guys are into that sort of thing.

Don't worry I had it proof read so its not filled with as many typos or spelling mistakes as my usual posts are. Well I hope not anyways.

Its also not about how bad Bruno Senna was either. Might save that for the next book.
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Yes it was a bucket list thing for me too and the motivation is the hard part. Feel free to drop me any questions. I'm not an expert but i'll answer what I can.
Thanks mate. I'm not exactly selling enough to give up my day job but its nice people like it.

I am part way through writing another but its loooonnng process so we'll see.
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