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Here's and idea which you may or may not like, came to me listening to the sounds of QPR being given the Championship Trophy on R5. How about an F1 Junior series? This is my thinking:

- The new teams in F1 still aren't really up to speed despite this being season 2
- The current grid of F1 Senior teams is reduced to 10
- 10 new teams are invited to take part in an F1 Junior series run to exactly the same regulations as the Senior series.
- Qualifying and the race take place in the morning of the Grand Prix (perhaps a slightly shorter race)
- At the end of the season the bottom two teams in the Senior series are relegated to the Junior series and the top two Junior teams promoted.
- A great way for teams to learn about running in F1 without being mobile chicanes for the really fast boys
- A wonderful proving ground for new drivers and engineers to see how they cope with true F1 speeds

Thoughts? Don't mind if you think I'm completely mad :twisted:
Interesting idea. I doubt it would be possible in terms of money considering teams are struggling for finance even at the F1 "senior" level. Other than the promotion/relegation, i guess this would be very similar to GP2. And yes FB, we do think you are completely mad. I hope Bernie doesn't read this :P Keep the ideas coming. :)
FB, I think this is a great idea; aside from the practicalities of actually doing it! The best idea here is farming out TV rights and exposure to its natural home:


It would be difficult for the Division Two teams to attract any sponsors; but easier than if they were likely to be out at the end of Friday pre-qualifying. It would also prove an even better proving ground for young drivers than GP2.

If it were to succeed then it might be preferable to go with the Spanish football route of 'B' teams appearing in the second flight; maybe to train the young drivers in the Toro Rosso style.

I would love to see it, it'll never happen but F1B certainly has its advantages!
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