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Which drive do you take?

  • McLaren ?2 to Lewis Hamilton

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  • Toro Rosso alongside Jaime Alguersuari

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  • Williams alongside Robert Kubica

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  • Williams alongside Heikki Kovalainen

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  • Force India alongside Adrian Sutil

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  • Force India alongsde Vitantonio Liuzzi

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  • Brawn alongside Jenson Button

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  • Brawn alongside Rubens Barrichello

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  • Campos alongside Pedro de la Rosa

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  • Lotus alongside Alex Wurz

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  • USF1 alongside Jacques Villeneuve

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You're an F1 driver trying to further your career. You want to up your reputation and get your dream job in the next couple of years. Which of the following drives do you take?

(Obviously this is theoretical, most No.2 drivers coming into a team don't get to choose their team-mate but it is worth putting team-mate options on for the point of discussion!)

I fancy going to Brawn alongside Barrichello tbh, he's a great set-up driver and he's not getting any younger!
Hmmm, interesting question.

Do you go up against a decent driver at the risk of getting soundly beaten?
If you do then it won't necessarily do you any lasting harm but at the same time if you do well it will do your future prospects no end of good.

Conversely, do you go up against a journeyman/rookie with the hope of doing well?
The problem there is if you do well it won't necessarily mean much for your career.
If you get beat though, it could spell the end of your career.

With the recent departure of Briatore, I'd probably go for Renault and Grosjean.

A half decent car, no obvious Number 1/2 and a relative rookie as a team mate.
If I was a driver who was very confident in my ability then I would join Mclaren alongside Hammy but the safe option is the Brawn alongside Rubens. Failing that I think a good opportunity would be the Toyota seat but then you would have to worry about how long your team was going to remain in the sport, the same for Renault.

Any driver who has built up a good reputation in the lower formula would be taking a huge risk by joining a lower team. You could easily get let down by the car and have no chance to show what you can achieve. Having said that there have been many drivers who have started with smaller teams who then went on to be race winners, Alonso and Webber to name two. So it is possible.
As an American it would most benefit me from a publicity standpoint to join USF1 and though I dislike Villeneuve he would certainly be better to learn from than Speed.
Oh yeah, of course cat, Webber is now finally a winner. I nearly asked you what you were on about.. ;)

I would go up against Hammy as if I got to that level, I would be confident enough. If I didn't beat him, I wouldn't worry too much, but if I did, I would be set for life.
Well, I've gone for Lotus/Wurz - always loved the idea of Lotus, always used to think that Wurz was the fastest thing for 30% of a GP - but reality check....

I think I'll have the hot dog concession on the pit straight grandstand LOL
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