F1 back to Austria?


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Bernie Ecclestone suggested that the door was open to the Austrian Grand Prix returning to Formula 1 when he made an unexpected visit to the official opening of the revamped Spielberg track - now rechristened the Red Bull Ring - today.
Although Red Bull and circuit chief Dietrich Mateschitz is not aiming to bring F1 back to the circuit at present, when asked if a grand prix would be possible at the refurbished venue, Eccletone replied "why not?"
He added: "This [refurbishment] should have been done 10 years ago. Without the rain I might have never realised it's the same area."
But Austrian triple world champion Niki Lauda was cautious about the chances of F1 coming back to the nation for the first time since 2003.
"It's a tremendous achievement by Dietrich and a fantastic thing to have this facility here," Lauda said. "But it would be much premature to speculate about a F1 comeback. These things take a long time."
The Red Bull F1 team is demonstrating its cars at Spielberg this weekend as part of the reopening. The track's first major event will be a DTM round at the start of next month.

Really I would love it if F1 could find a way back to the A-1 Ring. But of course the magic M word comes into question. Also I think attendances wouldnt be a problem as its perfect for a lot of continental European fans, Germany in particular. With Ecclestones plans to advance east, it would need a current European venue to drop. Valencia/Hungary anyone?
That doesn't surprise me. Really, would money be a problem if it's owned by Dietrich though?
Vettel and Webber opened the event and put their feet and hands in cement. But Vettel did both feet, both hands, and that damn finger.:givemestrength: Cast in cement forever...
Did anyone else notice that Bernie was at the opening of the Red Bull Ring but not the new Silverstone Wing ;)
Did anyone else notice that Bernie was at the opening of the Red Bull Ring but not the new Silverstone Wing ;)
I don't think that shows a Red Bull bias, I mean Christian Horner was at Silverstone and no-one's more biased to Red Bull than him. LOL
Notice he was their with Mark Webber. Was he distracting him while the mechanics took the updates off his car for Seb?
The 80-year-old Ecclestone was unable to attend the ceremony but sent a message of congratulations.
"I'm delighted with the progress and prospects for the future of Silverstone," Ecclestone's statement said.
"The pits and paddock complex is a state-of-the-art facility and will form the backbone of Silverstone's plans to be a world-class facility.
"It's a great shame it couldn't be completed 10 years ago but well done."
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